Jennifer Sabin called me last week to tell me she was sending me a package! I was not expecting what would be coming though! It's a basket so beautiful and each diaper (my favorite kind) has a scripture verse on them...this brought tears to my eyes! Jenn this was terribly sweet! AND that's not all, she sent along decor and goodies for ME!

For those of you who don't know how I know Jennifer--she has known my hubby since middle school and then I met her when Alyssa was a baby and we have been friends since :)

For some reason the link is only showing if you put your mouse or courser? over the link below the "Check out her blog"....
Check out her

look :0

This WILL sound crazy! I really really like this blog alothough I rarely read it. I just finished reading "Do you know your limitations?" After reading this I probably don't know my own limitations. So, if you have some time and want to read this or just skim through it it's a good blog and helpful :)

I wish my blog were


We will start with Michael's size of the room. There are no decorations up. I will eventually get some. For Michael I want to do puppies. He loves dogs! This toddler bed used to be Alyssa's then her cousin Matthew borrowed it and now Michael is using it.

He will have better bedding but it's expensive so for now he's stuck with this!

He loves his new bed!

Madison's side of the room. I am so excited! This is my first nursery ever! When I had Amber my mother did what she wanted then when I had Alyssa I could not afford to decorate the girls bedroom at all so the walls were bare and no curtains!!

Then Mr. Michael came along and I did put a small shelf with air plane decor but since he shared a room with the girls I could not really decorate and didn't really have the money too. SO, it's finally here, and it's my turn to have will all come together slowly but I am really excited to have my first nursery!!

I can't wait till I can buy some letters to decorate her name and hang it on the wall. I'm thinking of doing Michael's too with some puppies.

Now we just need a mattress for the crib since we had to give the other crib mattress to Mr. Michael for his toddler bed :)

Y'all wanted an inside look right? hahaha

My little M&M's closet they share :)

I absolutely love this diaper caddy and don't know how I lived with out it before!! It fits both Madison's and Michael's diapers.

I moved my dresser into my closet and moved the rocker glider to my bedroom so all I have to do is roll out of bed pick her up and sit in the chair while I nurse. I don't like to travel very far after giving birth. And, Michael was playing in my closet and somehow the door came off so Jason needs to put it back on ;p

These are the goodies my doctor's office gave me Monaday! Reality hit when he gave them to me. I asked her if they were for me and she said "yes" then I said "Oh, it just got real". lol I love goodies!

I figure while everyone is in bed except me of course there will be no complaints that I am ignoring my family while I get online.

Saturday night I had a lot of pelvic pressure to the point I could not walk. Sunday I had some and today as well. I was feeling a bit curious as to weather she will fit through my pelvis or fit the same way Michael did. I can feel her pushing down at times but not dropping....hmmmm.

Anyway, I went to the doctor today and I am dilated a tight one centimeter! Pretty good for me considering this is the first time I have ever dilated on my own period. I have been having a few braxton hicks this evening and this last one was a doosy (spelling?), it was quite strong. So, we will see what happens this week. If I don't go into labor on my own then I will be induced on Monday afternoon May 11th. I will say that if I get induced again that my doctor and the hospital staff is so good at what they do I have no worries. I was worried when I got induced with Michael because of my induction with Alyssa in FL. It was horrible!! But with Michael it was amazing and the complete opposite of what I went through with Alyssa...thank God.

My blood pressure has been really good this pregnancy. It spiked twice and this week it's spiked a bit more. It was the highest with Michael. I was induced one week late with Alyssa and my bp continued to rise and my cervix did absoultely nothing! So, I am feeling a bit excited this time :)

I have to thank Cameron for being here for me the last couple of weeks through my craziness emails and phone calls and thanks to Jenn for calling me and not knowing I would burst into tears when you did call. Cameron thanks for reminding me when I get stressed about cleaning etc... that it will still be there if I don't get it done! I can be too hard on so many ways.

On a different note--I am about to have a newborn and a teenager in the same week! WOW..........

I have also been dying to share some new news with y'all but Jason is supposed to blog it on the Spencer kids blog so I am eagerly waiting for him to tell Alyssa salvation story!

Okay, I am off to bed. My eyes are so heavy.

p.s....please forgive me for not keeping up with blog reading and posting and commenting. I have deleted a few blogs okay most other blogs I was reading because I just don't have time to read and my family is complaining that I am tuning them out or ignoring them etc...

ooooh, another braxton hicks and heart burn (been getting this on and off lately unusual for me so late into the pregnancy)...ouch.....