A blog I like but rarely read

This WILL sound crazy! I really really like this blog alothough I rarely read it. I just finished reading "Do you know your limitations?" After reading this I probably don't know my own limitations. So, if you have some time and want to read this or just skim through it it's a good blog and helpful :)


I wish my blog were pretty...man.


  1. Jennifer said...
    I think your blog is pretty.

    I used to read this blog too, but deleted it from my reader a while back for some reason. Probably because I know I am a mess (see recent decluttering posts) and don't need to be reminded.
    JGWmom said...
    Thanks for posting this link...the article is great and I really like her site! I added it to my favorites. I'm always looking for inspiration and tips on organization...so THANKS!!! :)

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