Where's the baby?

A little game we play with Michael has become a favorite of his. A few months ago put a video on here showing Michael laughing while playing "where's the baby". This morning we are up stairs while Jason was in the kitchen taking a final exam online. After he was done he came up stairs to see us and started changing his clothes to take a nap before going into work. Jason put Michael on the bed asking him if he wanted to take a nap with daddy. While we left him on the bed I was standing at the foot of our bed and Jason is talking to me as he is changing. I look over at Michael because I heard him giggle. He started pulling the blanket up over his eyes and would laugh while he pulled it back down. I made the connection fast as to what he was doing and smiled because it's his first time doing it to us. So I started saying "Where's the baby?" and he would pull the covers over his eyes again and pull them back down quickly. He started the game himself this time. We were laughing so hard and impressed that he did that! Children learn so fast, Grow so fast, and love us so much that moments like this makes me really impatient to get a camera again to share this moment with you all!


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