Oaky, Jason talked me into writing on my blog about my funny little story about our 6 yr old and her curiosity while I was out to breakfast with my girls.

I wasn't going to write about it because I went to tell a friend about what happened and she politely corrected me by telling me the lady is "African American", I just smiled. I have just one small problem with this. Not all black people are from Africa or have ancestors from Africa, just as not all "white" people are American or come from America. I found more than one friend of mine become offended at being called African-American when they nor their ancestors come from Africa. In fact, Jason and I have a friend who is from Zimbabwe Africa, but to me he looked American the first time I met him. The funny part is the first time he spoke to me I asked him if he was from Scotland LOL! ;p Fortunately he found me funny and died laughing at me, then he told where he was from and his parents still live there and we are still great friends. He periodically will talk to me in his language leaving me....well......confused LOL!

Anyway, I said all that to give myself a disclaimer to telling what happened and to avoid me appearing like a racist to someone reading my blog who does not know me.

Well.....if you have children then there has been a time or a hundred times where you wished you could crawl into a dark hole because your innocent baby asks you a question, and not just any question, but one you would prefer in private, but instead your child has to ask you in public, and where everyone can hear you especially the very person they are inquiring about. After all, kids are very curious by nature and mommie and daddy know everything......right?

So here it is....
I took the kids to Chick-fil-a Saturday morning for breakfast. Which by the way is my favorite place! While we are eating Alyssa asked me...."Mommie, are black people Christians?"................my eyes got huge, I smiled and thought "Okay, where is there a hole to crawl into when you need one!?!?!?" A couple tables down a black lady was having breakfast with her little girl! I could have died. I called Jason right after she said that hoping he would somehow rescue me from that very moment........but, he died laughing and asked me what I told her. First I reminded her not to talk with her mouth full, then I told her we can talk about it when we get in the van.


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