Been a little busy

Well... we have been a little busy. Jason was in a car accident on Monday. He is fine but the car isn't feeling well. In fact, she is at the doctor right now waiting to be examined (the mechanic). It was the other drivers fault. She She hit him at a pretty good speed! Also, She didn't want to stick around waiting for the police so Jason exchanged info with her, and fortunately he wrote down the vin # to the car because she had temporary tags!

So here is where it does not get any better!

The girl that hit him......she had insurance in December but it got canceled because of non payments. Then when she got this new car, she opened a new policy, but, it got canceled January 24th because she didn't make her payments once again! So now Jason has to go to the police department and fill out a "Blue Form" to report her as a non insured driver. Lets see.... if they had come out there in the first place they would have been able to do something about her!

Apparently the dispatcher miss understood Jason when he called for an officer. The would not send one because they said once you exchange info it's a civil matter but when he went to the police station to explain what happened, they said a report should have been made and they believe the dispatcher miss understood.

We have to pay a $250 deductible for repairs and that's if it's even worth repairing. We haven't heard anything yet. If we have to pay it then the insurance company will go after her for the money and reimburse us. Also, our car insurance company (state farm) gave us a rental car. Thank God! I like this car too.....2008 Chevy Impala.

I KNEW there was a reason she wanted to get out of there so fast! Ah.....a day in the life of a Spencer! I told you......never a dull moment! LOL

So now we wait to know the damage on the car. We need a new vehicle anyway. There isn't much room at all for our family of 5 in a little Mazda 626!


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