I am planting some flowers we bought for two baskets to hang on the back porch. Wish I could say I am nesting but I love doing this every season and more specifically in the Spring. I just love planting. It's so therapeutic and it just brings life to a dull room. These are for the back porch though. I want to share pictures but I can't find my camera! So, stay tuned to my little projects :)

update...looks like we have a nasty storm brewing! No yard work today.

Spring is in Bloom

Although Spring is in bloom and pollen has covered everything (at least it's the same color as my van) the cold weather and rain that has come for a few days visit is welcomed. Hopefully it will clear the air around here. I took some pictures a day or two before the storms came for Shannon. It's a gorgeous pear tree and she loves flowers! Hmmm, okay, I do too ;)

Now, to go along with the crazy TX weather we are all aware of, I have something to add to the craziness. As you all know (who live here) we are having a lot of rain and it's VERY cold right now in March. At 2 am this morning Jason and I were woken up to something out side that sounded like a child or young woman crying in our back yard for help. We woke up at the same time and at first I thought it was Michael off in the distance because I was trying to make sense of what I was hearing from being in a deep sleep. Jason and I got out of bed right away...more like we flew out of bed to rescue the call and I followed the sound to the door in my bedroom while Jason was asking if it was a person and so while my heart was falling with fear because it sounded like a person who was crying for help, I moved the curtains and look out the window and see nothing and no one. As I was looking, Jason asked me a second time if it was a person and I said "I don't see anyone". Then my heart fell again and I left him investigate out back while I went anxiously to check on my children. They were all accounted for and sleeping safe and sound which is the best feeling a mother could have. I was still half asleep. I leave walking back down the hall to my room with a temporary sigh relief but still wondered who or what was outside. I get back to the bedroom to see Jason closing the door in our room, I ask him if he saw anything and he said "A very wet scared black cat." It ran off when he walked out side with the flash light.

We could not believe how it really sounded like a person. I have owned a few cats in my life time and I have never heard one sound like that. I have heard people say that a cat can sound like a baby or child etc...but now we believe it!! It really did sound like a child crying for help. I get goose bumps just writing about it! Y'all should have heard it! I felt bad for the poor cat. It was a stray and obviously wet and very very very cold. Being cold is one thing but wet and cold is just down right painful! I have been there! We went back to bed but 4 am came very early and poor Jason felt like he had not slept at all so he was very slow this morning and dreading going in today for another day of physical pain that I reminded him will save his life. Although he knows this training can and will save his or his partners ilfe it helped to hear it and that I support it. I told him I would rather him go through tourcher like this everyday than to live the rest of my life without him. I admire him, he keeps going even with all the bruise and banged up body parts feeling like he may die on some days.

So on to the pictures! Here you are Shannon. The Pear Tree blooming! P.s...it was cloudy outside. I should take more when it's sunny and beautiful!

Yesterday's message at church is exactly what I needed after last week! In fact, I started wondering who told the pastor exactly what I was going through that the Lord would use to refresh my spirit. Just kidding. I felt so new. ALSO, I got a nice break from the kids yesterday evening. I look a long hot shower, called Jennifer to thank her for the maternity dresses she sent me, and had a nice conversation with her....then I enjoyed quite time until everyone came home!

Pastor Al preached John 11:28. It's best coming from him if you have time. It's under "Sermon" March 1st. http://www.wedgwoodbc.org/content.cfm?id=213

On a completely different note:

I finally found crib bedding and I won't have to repaint the bedroom. I bought it on ebay. It was also A LOT cheaper than the other one with the same amount of pieces. I won the auction for $32, nine pieces in all! The bedroom will probably never look how I want it to with all matching furniture etc....I just don't want colors to clash. I have had a difficult time trying to decorate a room/nursery for two girls and one boy. It's been really hard for me.

I still have to find Michael a comforter since he will be moving to the bottom of the bunk bed soon. First we have to buy a mattress for it because we don't have one. We took it off for Amber's trundle bed that was given to her.

Now for the crib bedding. This set is "Jojo" Designs. This is the same seller I bought Michael's crib bedding from, Amber's new bedding from, and now the crib bedding. I recommend this seller. I have received high quality items every time I needed them and at very reasonable prices that are a blessing to me. I will blog about Amber's bedding later. Now, I need to hunt down some cheap wood letters to decorate and hang Madison's name above the crib.

It includes these 9 pieces:

  • Crib Quilt

  • Crib Bumper

  • Fitted Sheet

  • Crib Skirt (Dust Ruffle)

  • 2 Window Valances

  • Diaper Stacker

  • Toy Bag

  • Decorative Pillow